Application deadline 16 January 2022.

This module provides detailed coverage of Object Oriented (OO) programming principles. It focuses on programming in Java, an OO language that is modern, vendor-independent, and widely used in industry. Recognising that programming requires skill as well as knowledge, this module places emphasis on the practical aspects of developing significant Java programs using a professional development environment.

Students learn how to model objects in software, define classes describing categories of objects, and make appropriate use of concepts such as inheritance, composition, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstract classes, and interfaces. As well as learning basic Java syntax and how to express OO concepts in Java, practical topics such as applets, graphics, data storage, multi-threaded programming, and exception handling are addressed.

Prerequisites: CT609 (Fundamentals of Programming) or equivalent, i.e. good working knowledge of a procedural language such as C 

Credits will allow exemptions in IT Online Diploma in Software Engineering or Masters in Software Engineering & Database Technologies.

Fee: €550 Non-EU: €605 

Contact Information

Please select Postgrad CPD in Software Engineering & Database Technologies – CPC1 when making your online application.


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