This module focuses on developing in depth comprehension of the philosophy of palliative care for children and the application of key concepts in relation to the assessment and management of symptoms. Application deadline 30 June.

The aim of this module is to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of the philosophy, principles and practice of pain and symptom management in caring for individuals with life limiting illness.

The module runs over 12 weeks and there are five units in the module:

Symptom Assessment within Contemporary Palliative Care: This unit explores the definitions and principles of palliative care and examines the levels of palliative care in Irish society.

Pain Assessment, Management and Treatment: This unit focus specifically on the concept of pain, the incidence of pain, how pain is classified. Emphasis is placed on effective assessment of pain as well as examining different theories of pain and knowledge on the pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects of pain management.

Gastro-Intestinal Symptoms associated with End of Life:  This unit will examine the mechanisms and pathophysiology of distressing issues associated with the GIT. The assessment and management of these problems associated with the gastro-intestinal tract are addressed.

Palliative Care Emergencies and other Symptoms: This unit focuses on the common palliative care emergencies and symptoms encountered by children with life-limiting illnesses. This unit identifies the importance of early identification, impeccable assessment, and recognising the significance of key signs and symptoms.

End of Life Care: this focuses on the child and family in the last days of life, exploring definitions in end of life care, diagnosing dying and how it informs a plan of care. The management of common symptom at end of life are explored.

Contact Information

(Mornings: Wednesday-Friday) 

Please select Postgrad in Nursing and Midwifery (PFC1)  when making your application. 


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