Improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints and energy costs is a priority for many organisations. An Energy Management System (EnMS) can play a lead role in achieving these aims. An EnMS is a process for continually improving energy performance. Suitable for all organisations, whatever the size or sector, it is particularly beneficial in organisations operating energy intensive processes.

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This module will provide the student with a general introduction to energy, its generation, distribution and usage in industrial and commercial environments and provide a conceptual and technical foundation in energy management.

This course is aimed at those with a role in energy efficiency in industrial and commercial environments who wish to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of energy management from a local, national and international perspective. The module will focus on conducting energy audits, creating energy budgets and assessing ISO 50001 requirements.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and assess the importance of energy management at both an organisational, local, national and global level.
  • Examine the conceptual and technical foundations of energy management for industrial and commercial environments.
  • Classify and appraise existing methods for the generation, distribution and use of energy within industrial and commercial environments.
  • Develop and implement an energy management plan for organisations embedding best practice energy management in day-to-day operations of industrial and commercial environments.
  • Report on student’s organisations’ requirements for compliance with energy efficiency and emission reduction obligations.

Prerequisite for admission: Principles of Management - or a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a management role.

Funding for a limited number of places is available under the Modular Skills Provision. Details are available at

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