Lean environmental management is based on the concept of continuous improvement of an organisation’s environmental performance over time. In this way the organisation's environmental plan is continuously changing in line with its activities as well as external influencing factors such as environmental legislation, changes in technology, and market pressures.

The concept of Lean is to provide increased value to the organisation and the customer through eliminating waste in production and operations. Lean can be applied in every commercial and industrial setting as a way of thinking and acting for an entire organisation.

This module will provide students with an overview of Lean principles and the 8 wastes or lean defects it deals with: excess processing, overproduction, waiting, inventory, movement, motion and non-utilised talent.

This module will focus on contemporary Lean practice, tools for Lean and emerging technologies, and how they can be applied to environmental issues in industrial and commercial environments. Classes will incorporate guest speakers from the Lean and Environmental sectors in Ireland. This module will include the practical application of knowledge and skills through the development of a Lean strategy for the students’ organisations or departments.

Funding for a limited number of places is available under the Modular Skills Provision. Details are available at www.nuigalway.ie/cpd

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