Knowledge of current minimum legal expectations for environmental compliance is fundamental to achieving good environmental management in industrial and commercial environments. This module is aimed at professionals, will provide students with a practical foundation in the principles of compliance and risk management for corporations in Ireland. Application deadline 24 March 2022.

Topics will include: structure of environmental law in Ireland (directives, regulations, licensing etc.), current legislative requirements, and how to ensure compliance for their organisations. The aim of this module is to provide students with a proper understanding of environmental legislation and its impact on the process of monitoring and guiding the development process.

The module provides the necessary grounding in the administrative structures, statutory instruments and applications necessary in the implementation and achievement of environmental objectives. This module will examine the key principles of environmental law, its underlying philosophies, and how it is applied, at national, European and international levels. It will trace the development of environmental law to date and its sources, and will examine how environmental law has become an integral part of industry and organisations. Fundamental concepts and principles of environmental law will be illustrated with contemporary examples, including from planning law, climate change law, and the law of sustainable development. Enforcement and remedies will be explored in detail. Indicative Syllabus: Environmental standards ISO 14001 and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) EPA directives EU Environmental Law Environmental Auditing Air legislation and compliance Water legislation and compliance Waste legislation and compliance Noise legislation and compliance Hazardous substances legislation and compliance Sustainable development.

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Please select Undergrad CPD in Science & Technology – CPB1 when making your online application.


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