Insight Centre for Data Analytics

College of Engineering & Informatics,
School of Engineering and Informatics

Course overview

Insight's Web Science agenda focuses on (i) analysing the topology, dynamics, content and user behaviour of the Web and the impact of underlying algorithms, protocols and architectures, (ii) designing and evaluating innovations in semantically enhanced technology for its future and (iii) ensuring its continuing benefit to various aspects of society.
Our central hypothesis is that the creation of a “network of knowledge” can assist people, organisations and systems with their individual as well as collective problem solving, enabling innovation and increased productivity and also helping to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds through the inclusion of emerging sensor technologies.

Programmes available

PhD (Insight), part-time
MEngSc (Insight), full-time
MEngSc (Insight), part-time
MAppSc (Insight), full-time
MAppSc (Insight), part-time

Areas of interest

We have specific openings in the areas of:
  • Semantic web and social software 
  • Semantic web services 
  • Semantic desktop 
  • Service orientated architecture 
  • Computational linguistics

Researcher profiles

Contact Us

Ms. Hilda Fitzpatrick
T +353 91 495 053

PAC code

PhD (part-time) GYF47
MEngSc (full-time) GYF48
MEngSc (part-time) GYF49
MAppSc (full-time) GYF50
MAppSc (part-time) GYF51

Fees for this course

EU: €5,750 p.a. 2018/19

Non-EU: €14,750 p.a. 2018/19

EU Part time:  Year 1 [2018/19] €3,910. p.a.

How to Apply