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Course overview

The aim of the three-/four-year full-time (or part-time equivalent) research programme is the generation of a contribution to knowledge and understanding in Fine Art by means of enquiry conducted through original studio research and, where relevant, other research methods.

Students propose a research project including a key research question, and receive training in research methods. Students are also expected to:

  • Pursue a defined key research questions through studio research

  • Investigate cognate studio research undertaken by others internationally

  • Explore the theoretical and historical dimensions of the enquiry through scholarship

  • Collaborate with others, as appropriate, to extend the range of the enquiry

  • Produce a body of work that embodies new knowledge in answer to the key research question

  • Write a 500-word summary of the contribution to knowledge and understanding together with a reflective analysis of the theoretical and historical context of the research and a critical review of the process of the research.

Postgraduate Portfolio Day Ireland

BCA PG portfolio day

Burren College of Art are co-ordinating an event in Dublin on Jan 31, 2013, that will bring together all the art colleges offering postgraduate fine art courses in Ireland. Faculty from the different courses will be there to give feedback to prospective students on their portfolios and advice on the various programmes on offer, etc. Admission is free; more information and registration form online.

Programmes available

PhD, full-time
PhD, part-time

Areas of interest

We welcome proposals for studio-based PhD in the following aspects of studio art:

  • Drawing as a process of enquiry 
  • Creative methods and methodology in art and/or creativity in a wider context than art 
  • Digital narrative (in collaboration with the Huston Film School, NUI Galway) 
  • Interdisciplinary research that promotes collaboration across academic bountaries (with potentially any department of NUI Galway)

Students may also propose research projects outside these criteria for consideration by the Burren College of Art.

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