Master of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)
Master of Science (Biomedical Engineering)

College of Engineering & Informatics

Course overview

Master of Engineering (ME)

This is a one-year of Engineering (ME) programme in Biomedical Engineering, based at NUI Galway’s new, award-winning Engineering Building. The programme is designed to give an advanced educational experience in biomedical engineering to bachelors graduates, focusing on developing advanced technical knowledge and skills and real-world implementation of these in terms of innovation, commercialisation and business development.

The programme is designed to satisfy the educational criteria of Engineers Ireland for Chartered Engineer professional accreditation.

It is inter-disciplinary in nature, based around a sound engineering educational core, enhanced by direct linkages with science and medicine. The programme will be delivered by staff members who are world leaders in terms of research and interactions with industry.

Master of Science (MSc)

This is a one-calendar year 90 ECTS of Science (MSc) programme in Biomedical Engineering. The programme is designed to give an advanced educational experience in biomedical engineering to bachelors graduates, focused on developing advanced technical knowledge and skills, coupled with real-world implementation through research and innovation. The programme combines a substantial research component with instruction through taught modules and a significant project-based learning component.

Key facts

Entry requirements

Entry to the programme is open to individuals who have Second Class Honours in a Level 8 engineering degree in a related discipline from a recognised university or third level college.

Duration: 1 year, full-time

Next start date: September 2016

ECTS weighting: ME: 60 | MSc: 90

Average intake: ME: 30 | MSc: 20

Closing date: Please refer to the review/closing date website.

NFQ level: 9

Mode of study: Taught

Course outline

Master of Engineering (ME)

The development of this 60 ECTS programme has been driven by the needs of the medical technology industry and of cutting-edge biomedical engineering research at NUI Galway, ensuring the relevance of the delivered content. It combines instruction through taught modules and a significant project-based learning component. The programme is designed around the core areas of biomechanics, biomaterials and medical devices. Students take up to 20–25 ECTS in biomedical engineering specific modules and 15–20 ECTS in transferrable skills modules. A substantial group project of 20 ECTS on a state-of-the-art topic in medical
technology has to be carried out.

Master of Science (MSc)

This one-calendar-year programme is designed around three thematic areas: biomechanics/medical devices, biomaterials and bioelectronics. A substantial thesis of 30 ECTS on a state-of-the-art topic in medical technology research has be be undertaken. Students take at least 15 ECTS in foundational modules and up to 45 ECTS in advanced modules.

The programme is designed to build on the already highly successful BE and ME programmes in Biomedical Engineering at NUI Galway, combining state-of-the-art graduate level taught modules with modern research in medical technology. The programme aims to generate the future leaders of the national and international medical technology industry, and of academic research and teaching in biomedical engineering.

Applications and selections

Applications are made online via The Postgraduate Applications Centre(PAC). Relevant PAC application code(s) above.

Who teaches this course?

College of Engineering and Informatics

Professor Peter McHugh – Programme Director
Professor Abhay Pandit
Professor Gearoid O’Laighin
Professor Sean Leen
Dr Mark Bruzzi
Dr Wenxin Wang
Dr Pat McGarry
Dr Dimitrios Zeugolis
Dr Laoise McNamara
Dr Edward Jones
Dr Kathryn Cormican
Dr Pat Donnellan
Dr Fearghal Morgan
Mr Enda Fallon
Ms Mary Dempsey

College of Science

Professor Michel Destrade
Dr Yury Rochev

College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Professor Matt Griffin
Dr Thomas Ritter
Dr Linda Howard

A broad range of contributions from senior clinical staff across a range of areas (including cardiology, orthopaedics, pathology, vascular surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery) including:

Dr F. Bennani
Mr W. Curtin
Mr S. Sultan
Mr W Tawfick
Mr F. Shannon
Dr J. Crowley
Dr F. Sharif
Mr M. Da Costa

Requirements and assessment

The students will be assessed using a combination of assessment modalities across the modules taken, including written examinations, continuous assessment and oral presentations.

Find out more

Jane Bowman | Sharon Gilmartin
Mechanical Engineering
T: +353 91 492723 | +353 91 492223
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PAC code

GYE18 (ME)
GYE24 (MSc)

Fees for this course

EU (Total): €6,800 p.a. 2015/16
 - Tuition: €6,576 p.a. 2015/16
 - Student levy: €224 p.a. 2015/16
Non-EU (Total): €13,750 p.a. 2015/16

GYE24 (MSc) :  EU fee is €6,800; GYE18 (ME) : EU fee is €4,900.

Postgraduate students in receipt of a SUSI grant – please note an F4 grant is where SUSI will pay €2,000 towards your tuition.  You will be liable for the remainder of the total fee.  An F5 grant is where SUSI will pay TUITION up to a maximum of €6,270.  SUSI will not cover the student levy of €224.