Master of Engineering Design (MED)—
full-time and part-time

College of Engineering & Informatics

Course overview

The aim of the programme is to provide for the continuing professional education of practising engineers. Emphasis is placed on practical engineering design rather than on engineering research. This programme will consist of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and year’s work.


Candidates will be required to present for examination in four subjects. The subjects shall be chosen by the student in consultation with the relevant Professor from a range of subjects available in the College. Assessment will also be based on a thesis on the topic of the project.

This programme is available in a number of disciplines in Engineering although it will not be available in Civil Engineering.  Prior to making an application for this programme, applicants must contact the relevant department to ensure that the programme is on offer and that an academic is available to act as supervisor.

Key facts

Entry requirements

NQAI Level 8 degree or equivalent. GPA 3.0 or equivalent. IELTS score of 6 or equivalent if applicable.

Additional requirements


Duration: 1 year, full-time, 2 years, part-time

Next start date: Not on offer for academic year 2012/13

ECTS weighting: 60 ECTS each year

Average intake: Discretionary

Closing date: Not on offer for academic year 2012/13

Mode of study: Taught

Course outline

This programme is run in a series with the Higher Diploma in Engineering programme. Assessment will be based on a typed and bound thesis on the topic of the project.

Applications and selections

NOTE: Course not on offer for academic year 2012/13.

(Applications are normally made online via The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC).  Relevant PAC application code(s) above.)

Find out more

Contact any Engineering Professor, Head of Discipline, or the College of Engineering Office.

T: +353 91 493 026 or + 353 91 492 101


PAC code

GYE06, full-time, GYE07, part-time

Fees for this course

EU (Total): €6,815 (FT); €3,520 (PT)
 - Student levy: €224
Non-EU (Total): €13,750

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