MApplSc (Occupational Safety Engineering
and Ergonomics)—full-time and part-time

College of Engineering & Informatics

Course overview

This programme comprises of course work and a thesis. Admission to the programme is at the discretion of the potential supervisor and the Head of Discipline and is based on a proposal from the applicant.

Special Features

The MApplSc programme is a broad-based one which will appeal to those from diverse backgrounds. The focus is on engineering systems. However, the knowledge gained can be applied to various disciplines and workplaces. Participants can choose the lecture courses they study to suit their background and their career aspirations.

Key facts

Entry requirements

The MApplSc programme is open to individuals who have an honours degree from a recognised university or third level college or a pass degree, with at least three years’ relevant experience acceptable to the College of Engineering

Duration: 1 year, full-time, 2 years, part-time

Next start date: September 2015

ECTS weighting: 90

Average intake: 12

Closing date: Please refer to the review/closing date website.

Mode of study: Taught

Course outline

Candidates must complete at least four and up to six courses from a list of subjects provided by the Discipline. In addition, candidates must submit year's work, which will be continuously assessed over one year in the case of full-time students, and over two academic years in the case of part-time students.


Modules (subject to change):

Occupational Health  
Occupational Hygiene  
Safety & Risk Management  
Project Management  
Legal Studies 
Quality Engineering 
Regulatory Affairs 
Human & Systems Reliability 
Quality Management
Research Methods
Management Studies
Year's Work

Applications and selections

Applications are made online via The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC). Relevant PAC application code(s) above.

Who teaches this course?

Programme co-ordinator:

Mr. Enda Fallon,
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Engineering,
Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering and Informatics
NUI Galway
T +353 91 492 745 

Find out more

Enda Fallon
Programme Director
T: + 353 91 492745

PAC code

GYE00, full-time ,GYE01, part-time

Fees for this course

EU (Total): €6,815 p.a. 2015/16
 - Tuition: €6,591 p.a. 2015/16
 - Student levy: €224 p.a. 2015/16
Non-EU (Total): €12,750 p.a. 2015/16

EU Full time programme:  €6,815 p.a. (GYE00 / 1AP1); EU Part time programme:  €3,465 p.a. (GYE01 / 1AP2).

Postgraduate students in receipt of a SUSI grant – please note an F4 grant is where SUSI will pay €2,000 towards your tuition.  You will be liable for the remainder of the total fee.  An F5 grant is where SUSI will pay TUITION up to a maximum of €6,270.  SUSI will not cover the student levy of €224.

Past students

Paul Gleeson


"The programme is well delivered as there is a nice balance between practical and classroom based learning. I found the lecturers to be some of the most helpful and engaging people I have come across during my studies as they take a hand on approach to getting students involved in class discussions and debates. All in all, the programme is an excellent foundation for finding future employment opportunities due to the high level of personal and professional development you will obtain. It helped open up numerous career opportunities for me so it is a programme that I would highly recommend."

Sean Hehir

Marvao Medical

"With a broad subject choice the Masters of Applied Science at NUI Galway allowed me to tailor the course to focus on the areas of interest to me which also complemented my science degree. Through team-oriented projects I developed better inter-personal skills and grew exponentially both professionally and personally. With a flexible course structure and forward thinking/innovative faculty the degree encourages and inspires entrepreneurship and innovation. The course is very relevant to current industrial practices as I found I had a working knowledge of the medical device industry from day one in my current job."

Niall O Conor


"Completing the Enterprise Systems Masters Programme has opened up a variety of new options for me, significantly building the skill-set which I had brought in to the course. The diversity of modules to choose from allowed me to focus on the areas that best interested me. With an excellent mix of practical and theoretical approaches, as well as access to the wider range of services and support within NUI Galway I would recommend this programme to anyone."

Paul McCormack


"I undertook the Masters of Applied Science in NUI Galway with the aim of acquiring new skills and knowledge to aid in my future career progression. The course was challenging and required high standards throughout. While striving to meet these standards I believe I have greatly improved my knowledge of business systems and gained valuable new skills. I believe the lessons learnt during the course will facilitate my personal and professional development into the future."