Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou

Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou


Dr Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou is a lecturer in inorganic chemistry in the School of Chemistry at NUI Galway. Her research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of new metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), i.e. porous species based on inorganic building units linked through extended organic molecules.

Papatriantafyllopoulou group uses new biodegradable ligands for the isolation of MOFs, aiming at the development of: 1) efficient drug carriers for a variety of clinical targets, including anticancer, antihypertensive, antiepileptic, etc, drugs, and 2) a new generation of magnetic sensors with enhanced sensitivity, low limit of detection, and a wider range of detectable substances for biomedical and environmental applications.

Dr Papatriantafyllopoulou has published more than 70 papers in high impact international scientific journals, including publications in major international multi-disciplinary journals. Three of these papers have been featured in the front or inside cover of the journal issue they were published, whereas four other papers have been highlighted as hot.

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