David Hoey

David Hoey


Professor David Hoey is an Associate Professor in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering (TCBE) where he works in the area of mechanobiology and regenerative medicine. The goal of his lab is to integrate engineering mechanics into the understanding of the molecular basis of skeletal physiology and disease.

Professor Hoey has discovered novel mechanisms by which bone can sense and respond to a biophysical stimulus. In particular, he is focused on determining indirect and direct biophysical regulation of mesenchymal stem cell contributions to bone formation and repair and how this is altered in disease. His other research interests and projects include the biomechanics and mechanobiology of prostate and breast cancer and biomaterials/biofabrication development for tissue regeneration.

These platforms have potential to result in new orthobiologics and technologies that mimic the beneficial effect of biophysical stimuli and treat orthopaedic diseases such as osteoporosis.

Professor Hoey has received numerous awards and distinctions including a European research Council Starting Grant in 2013. He is currently funded by the ERC, IRC, MSCA and the SFI centres ‘AMBER’ and ‘CÚRAM’. He is a member of several international societies such as the Orthopaedic Research Society, Marie-Curie Fellow Association, and the European Society of Biomechanics among others and is  a Committee member of the Biomedical Section of Engineers Ireland and Director of the Irish Bioengineering Innovation Forum.

Professor Hoey has published several papers in the top Engineering and Biology such as Nature: Scientific Reports, Biomaterials, Acta Biomaterialia, Stem Cells, and FASEB.  

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