Edmond Magner

Edmond Magner


Professor Magner is Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Professor of Electrochemistry at the University of Limerick. His research is focused on the development and use of materials as support structures for proteins and enzymes with applications in biosensors, biofuel cells and biocatalysis.

Prof. Magner has developed sensors for diabetic applications (glucose and hydroxybutyrate) that have been commercialised.  He has developed a range of materials that have been used as supports for the immobilisation of enzymes and used such materials to develop biosensors, biofuel cells and biocatalytic reactors.

Prof. Magner's clinical targets interests are in diabetes management and chronic infections.

Prof. Magner is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland.

Prof. Magner has published 95 refereed journal papers,  filed 4 patent applications and has 2 patents granted. Prof. Magner has given over 20 keynote and invited lectures.

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