Jeremy C. Simpson

Jeremy C. Simpson


Professor Simpson is the Professor of Cell Biology at UCD. His research is focused on using high-throughput quantitative fluorescence microscopy approaches to study cell function and physiology.

Prof. Simpson runs the UCD Cell Screening Lab. This resource provides a platform for high-throughput fluorescence microscopy-based studies of cell function. To date Prof. Simpson has completed four genome-wide RNA interference screens in human cells looking at various aspects of membrane traffic regulation. Most recently his work has addressed the mechanisms by which synthetic nanoparticles - as potential drug delivery vehicles - enter and are trafficked through cells. His lab also develops advanced 3-dimensional cell models, which bridge the gap between traditional 2-dimensional cell monolayers, and studies in tissue. These in vitro models provide more in depth physiological context into how cells are regulated in complex multicellular environments. His research also involves the development of novel software tools and image analysis methods to quantitatively describe phenotypes in cells. These methods can be applied widely to a variety of biological phenomena, including drug delivery, maintenance of cellular architecture, and cell signalling and cell death responses.

The technologies associated with the cell screening platform are applicable to the study of all human diseases in which a cellular component is central.

Prof. Simpson is a former recipient of an EMBO Long Term Fellowship. He is currently a Fellow of the UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, is the Head of the UCD School of Biology & Environmental Science, and is Vice Principal (International) in the UCD College of Science.

Prof. Simpson is the author of more than 90 peer-reviewed papers. The technologies with which he is associated have been used in publications covering disciplines as varied as microbiology, virology, cell signalling and cancer biology.

Prof. Simpson has given a number of keynote speeches at international conferences in the area of high-throughput microscopy and its applications. He is a regular reviewer for more than 10 international peer-reviewed journals.

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