Rhodri Ceredig

Rhodri Ceredig


Professor Rhodri Ceredig is a medical graduate and cellular immunologist interested in fundamental aspects of cell lineage decisions in hematopoiesis.

Prof. Ceredig’s research career spans 40 years in which he has been mostly concerned with the cellular and molecular aspects of mouse lymphocyte development. The research activity of his group centres on two major cell types namely mesenchymal stromal cells(MSC) and monocytes. Prof. Ceredig is investigating how MSC repair irradiation-induced DNA damage in order to understand the basic mechanisms involved and to try and render them more radio-sensitive.

Monocytes are being investigated as they represent a blood cell type capable of rapid differentiation. Prof. Ceredig has developed a rapid turnaround, flow cytometry-based assay of MSC potency using their ability to inhibit monocyte activation.

Prof. Ceredig was elected as a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (UK) and was part of a team awarded the Pfizer research prize for Immunology in 2008.

Prof. Ceredig has published over 160 papers and filed multiple patent applications and invention disclosures. He has developed a bone marrow mesenchymal stromal (MSC) cell line (B16-14) now publicly available from the European Cell Collection in the United Kingdom.

Prof. Ceredig is on the Editorial board of the NPG publication Immunology and Cell Biology and has served as a reviewer for numerous journals and grant panels. He also participates in an EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) called DECIDE.

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