Tia Keyes

Tia Keyes


Tia Keyes is Professor of Physical Chemistry (Personal Chair) at DCU where she has been a member of academic staff since 2002. Tia’s research interests lie in the fields of supramolecular & interfacial photochemistry.

Current projects focus on the design and development of probes for monitoring the dynamic cellular environment where Keyes group have pioneered the implementation of metal complexes bioconjugates as probes for monitoring oxygen, reactive oxygen species and protein and membrane binding within living cell using fluorescence and super-resolution imaging. 

Keyes holds an SFI Principle investigator award and under this programme her team are focussed on  the development of versatile cell membrane models based on chemically modified and highly ordered micro and nanocavity architectures.  These platforms, coined Memsense can be exploited for support of membrane proteins, which are important drug targets permitting detailed interrogation of protein and drug behaviour decoupled from the complexity of the cellular environment

Tia is author/co-author of over 210 papers in international peer reviewed journals over 14 book chapters and is co-author, along with Professors Vos and Forster of a textbook “Interfacial Supramolecular Chemistry”.  She is an academic member of the National Centre for Sensors Research and The Water Institute and is coordinator of the National Biophotonics & Imaging platform at DCU. 

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