Covid 19 and Drama at NUI Galway 20/21

During the academic year 2020/21 Drama and Theatre Studies classes will be delivered in a blended format. This means that some parts of the teaching and learning will happen in classrooms, and others will take place online.At least 50% of the teaching for most Drama modules will happen “live” in the O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance on campus.We also intend to stage live theatre in the second semester, observing all relevant public health advice.

We will be adopting the following plans in order to reduce the risk of infection:

  • Practice-based class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 15 students so that there is plenty of room for students to move around while maintaining distance between each other.

  • Students will be required to wear masks and/or visors in class unless unable to do so for medical reasons.

  • For classes that involve sitting down (e.g. writing workshops) students will be spaced two metres apart from each other.

  • Special events such as visiting speakers, seminars, conferences will be moved online.

  • Staff consultation hours will happen online rather than in person.

  • Students who need rehearsal space for their own projects will be obliged to book space in advance (rather than simply making use of empty rooms)

  • Access to the O’Donoghue Centre will be limited to students taking classes only, and there will be one-way systems and other relevant provisions in place.

 These plans are, of course, subject to change in line with broader university policies and/or the public health advice that we receive.

 Students who cannot attend classes in-person due to medical reasons will be able to avail of alternative arrangements. This might involve being able to go online to access details of the practice-based exercises that are being done in class so that students can do them at home themselves.

Students: Raising a query on teaching issues – recommended stages

 Recommended Stages for Student 

Please refer to the link provided above to view a document that is a short outline of the recommended stages you should proceed through in raising queries about online teaching (or indeed teaching at any time).