Transfer from GY115 into GY118

Applications will be considered for transfer from GY115 into GY118, provided that there is capacity on the latter programme. 

• Our decision about the number of transfer places will be based on the need to ensure that the Second Year GY118 class should not be larger than 27 students in total. (For example, because there are currently 25 students in First Year GY118 we could potentially offer two places to BA with Performing Arts students for entry into second year GY118 in September 2020. Although we could offer more if some of the 1st year BA DTP students fail, defer or withdraw). 

• Transfer will be by application by 31 July in the year between the end of First Year and the start of Second Year. 

• An offer of a place into the Second Year of GY118 is valid only for the calendar year in which the application is made (offers cannot be deferred into a future year). 

• Candidates will be ranked by results and must meet the following criteria:

Pass all subjects in first sitting.

o Achieve a merit performance in Drama and Theatre Studies of 62% overall in the subject.

• If the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of places available, a waiting list may be put in operation.

• In the case of students who are obliged to defer the first sitting of their exams, Drama will consider applications for transfer into GY118 within two working days of the release of the second sitting exam results but only if there are vacant places.

If interested in transferring please contact Dr. Ian R. Walsh at 

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