The Signal Processing & Communications research priority as well as playing a significant role in the Bioelectronics Research Cluster, NCBES, particularly in the research theme of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Engineering for Cancer, also has some other research groupings associated with it:

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Communications
  • Reconfigurable Computing

The Automotive Electronics research activity is focussed on the development of intelligent, robust and efficient signal processing algorithms for a number of applications in the automotive electronics industry. This work encompasses both algorithm development and real-time prototype implementations. This group is led by Dr. Edward Jones and Dr. Martin Glavin under the auspices of the Connaught Automotive Research group (CAR).

The Communications research activity is focussed on communications signal processing: PHY algorithm development for high-speed wired (including DSL) and wireless (Wireless LAN and UWB) communications systems, this research activity is led by Liam Kilmartin.

The Reconfigurable Computing research activity is focussed on the development of scalable reconfigurable hardware platforms for OS based computing and on embedded systems applications using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Dr. Fearghal Morgan leads this activity under the auspics of the Bio-inspired Electronics & Reconfigurable Computing research group.