Dharmesh Barot |   Biomedical Engineer

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from India. As a Biomedical Engineer I was looking for a course which falls in line with the medical industry requirements but that would also upgrade my skills. The Masters in Biomedical Engineering at the National university of Ireland, Galway has all the ingredients to boost my career. Not only was I able to complete my theoretical course work smoothly with the guidance of professors and staff members but the state of the art facilities provided by the department has helped me to complete my master’s thesis successfully. The MSc in Biomedical Engineering has helped me to build that confidence and skill set which is an absolute necessity for medical device industry.

Robert Johnston |   BSc Physics with Medical Physics, NUI Galway

The MSc in Biomedical Engineering at NUIG is a challenging but very rewarding course which I enjoyed immensely. Not only does it harness all aspects of your undergraduate degree to be used in the vastly growing biomedical field, but it also gives you the opportunity to be innovative, to research independently as well as work in teams and develop fundamental design and analytical skills through both design projects and a research based thesis, all of which are important to being an engineer in the industry. Along with this, the researchers and lecturers are clearly passionate and at the forefront of their research areas and this makes content easier to understand. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in this area, as I feel that after completion of this course I am fully prepared for my future engineering career.

Susan Lowry |   B.Sc. Physics with Biomedical Sciences, DCU

I chose the M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering in NUIG because I came from a B.Sc. Physics with Biomedical Sciences and I was looking for a way to specialize in the biomedical sector with a view towards tissue engineering and/or device design. I feel that this course suits me perfectly, as it has a selection of many of the things I have a desire to study further. There are a lot of choices in the modules, so you can tailor the degree to your own interests and career goals. Through the completion of a year-long research project I hope to bring my research skills and experience to the next level.