The Structured PhD is a 4-year full-time programme* which offers added value to the core component of doctoral training. Students on this programme are offered disciplinary or dissertation specific modules, as well as generic and transferable skills designed to meet the needs of an employment market that is wider than academia.

The programme is flexible and student centred, as candidates choose their own pathways in consultation with their Supervisor and Graduate Research Committee.

Core Structure

New entrants may register for the programme from September to March each year

The thesis remains central to the award of the PhD and is weighted at 330 ECTs for a 4-year funded PhD (340 ECTs for 3-year funding).

Students select appropriate graduate skills activities/modules each year in consultation with their Supervisor and/or Postgraduate Research Committee as follows:

Skills Categories: (i) Problem Based Learning; (ii) Publication/Dissemination; (iii) Formal Training (from a range of Discipline-specific, Interdisciplinary and Generic modules)

ECTs are recorded in the annual GRC report and awarded in year-3 of studies. Formal registration for GS skills modules is encouraged to supplement ECTs recorded in a student's GRC report.

The College Graduate Studies Manual details all of the requirements and registration procedures involved in the Structured programme:

Information for the "GS" coded modules listed in the manual is available from Graduate Studies: http://www.nuigalway.ie/graduatestudies/module_table.html

Below are links to descriptions of non-GS coded modules:

BME500 Advanced Biomaterials
BME501 Advanced Finite Element Methods
BME502 Advanced Tissue Engineering
BME503 Biomechanics & Mechanobiology
BME505 Introduction to Biomechanics
CE509 Advanced Structures
CE511 Computational Methods in Civil Engineering
CE512 Integrated Civil Engineering Design
CE513 Offshore Engineering
CE514 Transportation Systems and Infrastructure II
CE515 Sustainable Energy & Energy in Buildings
CT547 Data Storage and Retrieval
CT548 Object Oriented Software Design
CT549 SmartGrid
CT561 Systems Modelling and Simulation
CT562 Web and Mobile App Design and Development
CT563 Web Science and Analytics
EE551 Embedded Image Processing
EG500 Advanced Energy Systems Engineering
ME516 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ME517 Combustion Science and Engineering
ME518 Composite Materials
ME521 Research Methods for Engineers
MP553 Advanced Applied Mathematics for Engineers I
MP554 Advanced Applied Mathematics for Engineers 2


Please note: Not all modules are available each year - please check with discipline offering the module

Visit the University Postgraduate Admissions Website for information on admissions procedures, fees and funding, closing dates etc. at: http://www.nuigalway.ie/postgrad/

* this programme is not available on a part-time basis