NUI Galway is a member of the ENLIGHT European University which brings together 9 research-intensive universities throughout Europe to work.  ENLIGHT will establish the foundations of an integrated European University System with free movement of students and staff and the sharing of resources to build opportunities for collaboration in teaching and learning, and research and innovation among the partner institutions. 

Ghent University (Belgium)

University of Göttingen (Germany)  

University of Bordeaux (France)  

University of Groningen (The Netherlands)   

University of the Basque Country (Spain) 

University of Tartu (Estonia)  

Comenius University Bratislava (Slovakia)  

Uppsala University (Sweden)


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ENLIGHT Flagship Themes

ENLIGHT strives to transform the way in which we address global challenges by developing new models and methodologies for education and research adapted to the complex sustainability issues that cities and communities face today, focusing on five chosen flagship areas:

  1. Health and well-being
  2. Digital revolution and Impact of digitalisation
  3. Climate change
  4. Energy and Circular economy
  5. Equity

ENLIGHT’s flagship Areas were identified and selected together with all ENLIGHT cities and communities, who play an important role in our activities as associated partners.  The ENLIGHT flagship challenges are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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What does ENLIGHT mean for NUI Galway?

NUI Galway students and staff will avail of shared learning, resources and projects across the ENLIGHT network, the ENLIGHT Project will create a range of diverse learning, teaching and research activities to enrich the experience of students and staff in member institutions.

ENLIGHT is a key pillar of the Global Galway Project at NUI Galway which aims to create a more globally diverse, and culturally rich, learning and working experience for staff and students.  

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Project Alignment to NUI Galway Shared Vision, Shaped by Values

ENLIGHT is Closely Linked to NUI Galway’s Strategic plan which is built on a foundation of core values that define our purpose and priorities.

  • Respect: ENLIGHT offers students and staff an enriched global experience through shared education and perspectives across the network, creating and nurturing global-citizens and increasing tolerance and understanding.
  • Open: ENLIGHT is strongly connected to our core value of ‘openness’ where NUI Galway has committed to ‘design and implement a structured programme of engagement for strategic external stakeholders, including alumni, industry, community and government, to benefit from the advice, expertise, support and engagement from the University community’.
  • Sustainable:  ENLIGHT enables us to work together with local, regional, national, European and global partners to develop solutions for a more sustainable future and an equitable quality of life.
  • Excellent: ENLIGHT creates opportunities to broaden our global horizons by enhancing our education and research and increasing the breadth and quality of collaboration and partnerships throughout the network and beyond through European and global dialogues

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Project Deliverables

  • Shared education at all levels across the ENLIGHT network via flexible international learning paths and blended mobility.
  • A network of partnerships that enables proactive leveraging of opportunities
  • Increased research collaborations across the ENLIGHT network and associated partners
  • Strengthening of the dialogue between the ENLIGHT cities and their communities, partnering with key regional stakeholders to solve shared societal challenges.
  • ENLIGHT interconnected digital campus.
  • Establishment of an ENLIGHT Doctoral Network
  • Empowering learners to become globally engaged citizens.
  • Promoting of key global skills such as intercultural awareness, inclusive leadership, and multilingualism.

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  • ENLIGHT Overview

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