ENLIGHT consists of seven work packages to transform European higher education, develop globally engaged citizens and bring our network together in the following key areas:

WP 1 - Quality and Recognition Management

This work package focuses on the development of an ENLIGHT Quality Approach and ‘University System’ across the network to enable certification of ENLIGHT courses and degrees.

WP 2 – Challenge Based Education 

This Work package is centred on the creation of challenge based education modules across the network. Partner universities will both create and share modules related to the five flagship challenge areas of Equity, Climate, Health, Digitalisation and Energy. Students will work on challenges provided by the cities and regions in living labs. An ENLIGHT doctoral network will be established to share doctoral training across the network.

WP 3 – Global Engagement

This work package is creating a global engagement module to support the development of global citizens across the ENLIGHT Network. Work package 3 deliverables include the fostering of the key skills of multilingualism, diversity and leadership for all ENLIGHT students, an annual Teaching and Learning conference and Awards and the foundation of a teacher education network.

WP 4 – Connect

This work package will develop the structural and technical framework for inclusive, seamless and green mobility and provide the tools for flexible learning. Deliverables of this work package include the ENLIGHT Stepping Stone Path, Competence Framework and Digitally Interconnected Campus.

WP 5 - Outreach

Work package 5 will establish a framework for structural cooperation with local stakeholders, and for European and global outreach to maximise impact. Work package five deliverables include the formation of a regional academy examining local cities and regions’ societal challenges, and the establishment of European and global dialogues.

WP 6 – Impact

This work package will develop a comprehensive methodology for assessing ENLIGHT's transformative impact. WP 6 will assess the impact of ENLIGHT's envisaged transformation of learning on each partner institution and their associated socio-economic environments.

WP 7 – Dissemination

This work package will look at the communication of ENLIGHT’s achievements and create a strategy to sustain the ENLIGHT network.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in any of these work packages please e-mail ENLIGHT@nuigalway.ie or pamela.devins@nuigalway.ie ENLIGHT Project Manager.


  • ENLIGHT Overview

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