The Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity has established an annual Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Project Fund (€10,000) to be awarded as several small grants normally ranging from €300 - €1000. The fund is available to staff and students on a competitive basis for a variety of equality projects within the University. The EDI Project Fund aims to facilitate equality/inclusion initiatives and to promote and celebrate diversity in all areas of life in NUI Galway. Initiatives will be considered in relation to the 9 grounds protected in equality legislation (gender, age, civil status, family status, race/ethnicity, membership of the traveller community, disability, sexual orientation and religion/belief). However, other diversity and inclusion initiatives may also be considered. 

The EDI Project Fund is specially designed to facilitate innovative equality projects that might otherwise not receive funding. The EDI Project Fund will not be allocated to projects that should otherwise be centrally funded by the University (College/School/Unit), Students’ Union, or the Student Project Fund. The EDI Project Fund will not normally fund usual academic activities such as research, conferences, course development, or student assignments. All those interested in working creatively to further the ideals of equality and inclusion at NUI Galway are encouraged to apply.

The call for the 2020/21 EDI Project Fund closed on November 23rd 2020 AT 5pm.
Please review eligibility and application procedures below. Information on previously successful projects is also available.

1. Eligibility 

Proposals may be made by individual people and groups, or by two or more people / groups in collaboration; a Project Organiser must be appointed as the main point of contact and responsible party. Proposals from individual students/student groups must be linked with an appropriate staff member to provide mentorship and oversight. Joint staff and student initiatives are particularly welcome. Overall, a balance will be sought in the allocation of funds with regard to student-led and staff initiatives, and between a variety of diversity groups, where possible.

2. Applying for a Grant

Applications must be submitted using the application form provided: EDI Project Fund Application Form

Applications can be submitted:

By email to  (please use the subject line EDI Project Fund 2020/21)

The closing date for receipt of 2020/21 applications is Monday, 23 November 2020 at 17:00. Applications which are late, incomplete, or do not display sufficient planning / attention to detail will not be considered.

3. Assessment and Selection

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Fund will be overseen by a sub-committee appointed by the NUI Galway Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Campus Committee. 

The Sub-Committee will consider the applications received by the published deadline, and will award, subject to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Campus Committee’s approval, funds to selected proposals following the selection process outlined below. 

The EDI Project Fund will be awarded as several small grants, across a variety of initiatives, based on the information provided in the application form. Normally grants will range from €300 – €1000. The EDI Project Fund will support activities that relate to the 9 grounds protected in equality legislation or the following broad work strands identified by the EDICC as priority themes:

  • Disability
  • Cultural Diversity 
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Gender

Proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to priority theme(s) / equality grounds (20%)
  • Expected benefit (impact) for NUI Galway (30%)
  • Expected benefit (impact) for wider society (10%)
  • Originality and creative approach (20%)
  • Value for money (20%)

The EDI Project Fund Sub-Committee will reserve the right to award funds only to those proposals which achieve an overall score of 70 or higher, noting that this could result in the full fund not being awarded at any particular time. Depending on the number and quality of the received proposals, not all projects scoring 70 or higher may receive funding, and the Sub-Committee reserves the right to award any particular project an amount of funding which is lower than the sum requested in the application.

4. Notification of Outcome

All applicants, successful and unsuccessful, will be informed in writing of the outcome of the 2020/21 assessment process by December 2020.

5. Conditions of Offer

Successful project recipients are required to sign an acceptance letter which will include but is not limited to:

  • Start date and completion date for project
  • A named “Project Organiser” who will liaise with the OVPED in all matters relating to the project
  • A statement of activities and actions to be delivered
  • Funding amount and funding draw down arrangements
  • Agreement that all payments must comply with the University’s Procurement, Payroll, Invoice and Reimbursement guidelines
  • Project review, reporting and financial requirements including poster presentation

Projects funded under the 2020/21 scheme must be completed by 30 June 2021, except in exceptional circumstances where an extension has been granted by the OVPED.

Each project proposal must name a “Project Organiser” who will liaise with the OVPED in all matters relating to the project. The Project Organiser is responsible for:

  • monitoring the project's budget and requesting reimbursements from the Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity
  • implementing the project
  • ensuring that the project is completed in accordance with the EDI Fund Terms of Reference and relevant University policies
  • reporting regularly to the OVPED on project progress 

In case of any query or difficulty arising with a project, the Project Organiser must contact the OVPED immediately. The Office will assist project organisers with:

  • processing reimbursements for project expenses
  • publicising projects on the Equality and Diversity Website
  • general advice and guidance 

6. Payment of Grant

Normally, payment of the grant will be by reimbursement (on the basis of vouched expenditure) to an active NUI Galway Cost Centre as outlined on the EDI Project Fund application. Invoices which are approved in advance may be paid directly by the OVPED.  All expenditure must be receipted and accounted for, and a final financial report provided prior to reimbursement.

Project Organisers should be aware that processing each reimbursement may take time to complete.

7. Project Report

All recipients must complete the EDI Project Fund Report provided upon completion of the project and submit it, together with any other specified documentation, to the Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity.  EDI Projects are celebrated each year at an EDI Project Showcase, and Project Organizers will be requested to present on the outcomes of their project, including the development of a project poster.

EDI Project Fund Awards

For examples of previous EDI Projects, please review the list of successful awardees.