Incoming Erasmus Students 2022/23

Please check this section often, as it is regularly updated.

Update 04/07/2022

Incoming Erasmus Students 2022/23
To all our incoming Erasmus students (full year and semester 1): we have processed your applications and are currently waiting to receive your ID numbers so that we can issue formal acceptance e-mails to all applicants.

Information for Incoming Erasmus students 2022/23

Applications - and acceptance e-mails

The application deadline for semester 1 and full year incoming Erasmus students was 31st May.  We have processed applications and are waiting to receive our new Erasmus students' ID numbers from our student registry.  We will then issue formal acceptance e-mails to everyone who applied.

The application deadline for students who wish to begin their Erasmus studies here in January 2023 will be 30th October, 2022.

Orientation information for Semester 1 students

Orientation for new international students will take place at the beginning of September.  We will post the exact dates here as soon as we are able to confirm them.
It will be an in-person event and your attendance will be required.  It will include useful information about the university's support services, and important advice about academic procedures and subject registration.   Further information will be available shortly.

Teaching begins on Monday, 5th September. 

Your Learning Agreement, and Registering your Modules

The list of courses available to Erasmus students (the Visiting Student Handbook)  can be found on our Courses Available page.

NUI Galway does not have a deadline for receipt of learning agreements from incoming Erasmus students. This is entirely a matter for your home university, and you should ask your home university coordinator for guidance. Please be sure to select only courses that are available to visiting students.  You will not be permitted to register for courses that are not in the 2022 editions of the Visiting Student Handbook.  Please be aware that some courses may have prerequisites, or a limit in terms of the number of students that may enrol for them.  

When making your choice of courses, please remember that:

  • you should only select courses (also called "modules") in the subject area that is mentioned in the bilateral agreement which your university has with NUI Galway, and under which you are coming to study here (e.g. "Arts/Humanities", "Business Studies", "Law", "Engineering", etc).  For example, if your main area of study is Business or Languages, you will not be permitted to take courses in, for instance, Engineering or Biochemistry.
  • you may only select courses that are listed in the Visiting Student Handbook: other courses that you may find while browsing through our individual College or School websites might not be available to visiting students. (The only exception is for those students coming to NUI Galway under specific exchanges with our School of Law, who may select additional courses from the Law School's Visiting Student Guide; these courses are not available to any other Erasmus students.) 

Please make your course choices in consultation with your academic coordinator at your home university.  Recognition for courses taken and examinations passed at NUI Galway during your Erasmus visit will be a matter for your home university. 

Course (module) registration will be done online by students themselves.Registering for a course gives you access via Blackboard to all course materials and information.   

Your Erasmus academic coordinator at NUI Galway

Please note that any questions about course content, credit weightings, timetables, etc cannot be answered by staff of the International Office - it's worth checking the relevant departmental website in the first instance, and if you need to discuss the content of courses in detail, you should contact the relevant academic coordinator at NUI Galway. You may wish to consult the list of Erasmus Academic Coordinators.  Your academic coordinator is the "responsible person" who must sign your learning agreement - unless you are an Arts/Humanities student from Malta or Utrecht, or a student from Uppsala in a subject area other than Medicine, in which cases you should contact the NUI Galway International Office.

Other Information for Semester 1 students

Frequently Asked Questions for students arriving in August/September.

Please consult NUI Galway's FAQ for International Students for more information.

Medical Students

UPDATE: Unfortunately our School of Medicine is unable to accept exchange students in the 2020/21 academic year.

Other relevant information

Accommodation: Unfortunately the International Affairs Office is not in a position to help organise your accommodation, but please consult  the website of NUI Galway's Accommodation Office for advice:  and see also the accommodation tips we have compiled for you.

Other useful links:


I have a document from my home university that I need to get signed, confirming that I am enrolled for courses at NUI Galway. What should I do?
This is your Certificate of Arrival, and you should send it to 

I sent my cert of arrival a few days ago to and I haven't got it back yet.  Why is this?
Please understand that this is an extremely busy time of year for us and, because there are many Erasmus students sending us this request and other queries, it may take up to a week for certs of arrival to be processed. Rest assured that we are doing our very best to support you and that you will get your completed cert of arrival as soon as possible.  We would kindly ask you not to send your e-mail a second time.

I can't find a timetable for a module I want to take.
Please check Blackboard for up-to-date announcements about class scheduling.  You should have access to the Blackboard information for each module 24 hours after you register for it.  If you cannot access the information in this way, consult the website of the relevant School or Discipline (details are in the Visiting Student Academic Information Booklet).  If you still can't find your timetable, contact the administrator of the School or Discipline.  The International Office has no involvement in timetabling so unfortunately we can't help you with this query.

Who should sign my learning agreement at NUI Galway?
It should be signed by your academic coordinator, and if you don't already know who this is, you can check the list that you'll find here.

I deleted a course but I'm still seeing it on my registration statement (or on Blackboard). What should I do?
Most likely you don't need to do anything.  Please allow at least 24 hours, and perhaps up to 48 hours, for changes to be reflected in your registration statement or on Blackboard.  If you still see the course 48 hours after deleting  it, you need to contact the Library Service Desk.

Latest News

Information for Incoming Erasmus students 2021/22

Semester 2 Exam Transcripts 

Update 22/06/2022

Issuing of Transcripts 2021/22

The issuing of transcripts is underway today (22/06/22). Please bear with us, as this is a large task which might take more than one day. Your transcript will be sent by e-mail to both you and your home university.

Start of semester - frequently asked questions

I registered for a module, but can't find it in my Blackboard account.
It will take 24 hours from registration until the module appears in your Blackboard account.

When I registered my courses, I got a message to say that I had not taken enough credits. Do I have to take 60 credits?
No.  60 ECTS is the standard workload for an academic year.  If students don't have 60 ECTS worth of modules, the registration system prompts them to select more.   However, as an Erasmus student, you are not obliged to take 60 credits.  You can take 30, 40, 50 - however many your home university requires you to get, but do check with your home university coordinator and get him/her to sign your learning agreement.

I can't find the timetables for the modules I want to take.
Timetables may be found on Discpline or School websites, or on Blackboard.  To see information about a module on Blackboard, you must be registered for that module, and remember that it will take 24 hours from the time you register until you can view the course information on Blackboard.

I'm a full-year Erasmus student.  When do I register for my semester 2 modules?
You'll be able to see the details of modules offered in semester 2 when the Visiting Student Handbook for the second semester is published.  We expect this will be in the coming weeks.  However, you will not register your modules until January: module registration will open around the time when teaching is due to start.

I'm a languages student but I'm really interested in a module offered in the College of Science.  Can I register for it?
Unfortunately not.  As a languages student you will have a wide range of options within the College of Arts, but you won't be allowed to take modules in Science.

A course I want to take is not in the Handbook, but the lecturer said I can register for it.
Generally speaking, if it's not in the handbook, you cannot register for it.  Very occasionally, a course may be accidentally omitted from the handbook.  Please ask the lecturer to get in touch with us, so that we can check to see if there has been any error.

I want to take a First Year course, but when I turned up for it, there was no one there.
Teaching for First Years doesn't start until the week of the 27th September.  Classes will go on for twelve weeks, with the semester ending on 17th December.

Arrival Certificates and other requests re. documentation

  • If you have other documentation that's required by grant authorities in your home country, please send it only to the incomingerasmus(at) e-mail address.  Please do not send your documents to other staff members.  Please be patient, as we are processing hundreds of arrival certs while dealing with e-mail queries and other matters.
  • If you wish to contact more than one staff member with a particular query, please send only one e-mail and include all recipients on that one message.

Orientation programme for students commencing their studies in January 2022

Orientation talks will be available online, and on Thursday 6th January and/or Friday, 7th January there may be an afternoon session  (2.30pm) specifically for our new Erasmus students.  You will receive a link to these via e-mail.  The two sessions cover the exact same content: we are simply providing two opportunities for students to attend, so that they can choose the one that suits them best.

View the slides from the Information Session for Incoming Erasmus Students.

For full details of all important orientation dates/events for international students, please refer to our Orientation page, which will be updated as more information becomes available.

Preparing for your Erasmus studies at NUI Galway

You will find lots of useful information by clicking through the topics on the left-hand menu. Please be sure to also read carefully any e-mails we send you (and keep an eye on your spam folder, in case our messages get lost in there!)

Please note that the 2021/22 Visiting Student Handbooks are available to access through our Courses Available page.  These are the lists of all courses available to Erasmus students.

NUI Galway's Incoming International Students page has now been updated and it contains important pre-arrival information, so please be sure to consult it regularly.

The Education in Ireland website is a very useful source of information and is being regularly updated.

NOTE: additional information may be sent to all Erasmus students from "International Marketing and Recruitment".  Please keep an eye out for these e-mails.


Please click on Living in Galway.


Our English Language Centre is offering a 10-week-long series of Academic English Workshops for Erasmus students, beginning in the week of 20th September.   You will be able to select one weekly workshop of 75 minutes' duration.  The classes are free and will be delivered remotely (online), with maximum 15 participants in each.  You can find full details and a booking link here.
For any queries, please contact Dr Maeve Egan, English Language Centre,

We expect that further Academic English workshops will be available in semester 2.  You will be informed about these at the start of the semester.

Medical Students

Incoming Erasmus Medical students will be required to present certification of Health Screening on arrival at the Medical School and prior to placement at NUI Galway. 
They must also provide a Police Clearance Certificate from their country of origin. This is also referred to as Garda Vetting (An Garda Síochána = Ireland's national police service).

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  • Undergraduate Prospectus 2022

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  • Quick Guide to Courses 2022

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