Examination Results can only be appealed after the full official transcript of results has been issued.   Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance. 


The official results release schedule is available here. Completed application forms must be submitted to the Examinations Office by the relevant deadline (outlined below). 

Appeal Submission Deadlines for the Academic Year 2018-19
 Appeal Application Appeal Submission Deadline
Certificate in Nursing (Nurse/Midwife Prescribing) (1CNP1) and Higher Diploma in Midwifery (1HDM1) only where results released on 8th March 2019  15-Mar-2019
Final Year Medicine only where results released on 10th May 2019  17-May-2019
Final Health Sciences only where results released on 27th May 2019  04-Jun-2019
M. Social Work (2SK1) and Registered Behaviour Technician Preparation Course (1RBT2) only where results released on 27th May 2019  04-Jun-2019
All Undergraduate results (1st sitting) where results released between 17th and 24th June 2019  04-Jul-2019
3rd Year Medicine (1st sitting) where results released on 2nd July 2019  10-Jul-2019
All Postgraduate results, where results were considered at Summer Exam Board, results released on 2nd July 2019  10-Jul-2019
All Undergraduate results (2nd sitting only i.e. results released on 30th August 2019)  06-Sep-2019
Postgraduate only where results released on 10th September 2019  17-Sep-2019
4th Year Nursing (4BWS1, 4NG1, 4NG2, 4NG3 only i.e. results released on 1st October 2019)  09-Oct-2019
Postgraduate only where results released on 23rd October 2019  30-Oct-2019

Procedure to Appeal an Exam

Discussion, Checking and Appeal of Examination Results document.

Students cannot submit an appeal unless they ave already either gained informal feedback on their performance from their lecturer or discipline or received the results of a formal recheck.

Appeals submission Checklist:

  • Ensure you have completed the appeals form completely.
  • Ensure you have ticked the appropriate "Ground for Appeal" section
  • Ensure you have included all supporting documentation such as your appeal letter and any supporting documentation e.g. medical evidence
  • Copy of your exam transcript OR a printed copy of your exam results from your Examination Results Inquiry which is available online.
  • Appeal fee (€60 per module)
  • Examination Appeal applications will not be processed if the required documents 1 to 5 above are not included in your application.



How can I appeal an exam result?

Complete the online application form and submit it along with supporting documentation and appeal fee.
Important: Incomplete or invalid appeals will not be processed.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Typically, an appeal decision can take up to three months but some appeals can take much longer depending on their complexity.

The Examination Appeals Committee makes every effort to complete appeal decisions in a timely manner, however, it is not possible to give specific timelines about when a decision will be made.

What is the difference between a recheck and an appeal?

A recheck is simply a re-calculation of all parts of the exam and there is NO review of the exam content.

An appeal application is considered based on one or more grounds:

A - evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the examination
B - the mark awarded was incorrect or inappropriate
C - circumstances which the Examination Board was not aware of when its decision was taken.

The Examination Appeals Committee considers the appeal based on the grounds and consults, as appropriate, with the examiner(s). Exam appeal workflow is available online.

Do you have to get an exam re-checked before you can apply for an appeal?

No. It is not necessary to apply for a formal recheck of an exam result before making an appeal application. It is important to note that a formal recheck application may not be processed and complete in advance of the examination appeal deadline. As part of an appeal application, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence that you have already received EITHER informal feedback on your performance from your lecturer or discipline OR the results of a formal recheck.

What if I can’t get feedback from my lecturer?

Students are advised to make every effort to get feedback from their lecturer and to avail of opportunities such as consultation day. If you are unable to get feedback from your lecturer, include documentation with your exam appeal application outlining your attempts to get feedback e.g. email correspondence.

I have missed the deadline. Can I still appeal?

No. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance.

My overall result is close to the next grade e.g. close to a H2.1. Can I appeal the overall result for the year/award?

No. An exam appeal application is accepted for module result(s) only. You can appeal one or more modules following the official results release.

For how many modules can I apply for an appeal?

You can apply for all modules for which an official result has been released (in line with the appeal application deadlines).

Can I make an appeal application for results released previously e.g. last year?

The timeframe to make an exam appeal application is strictly defined (application deadlines available above). You can only appeal results for modules which have been officially released in the defined timeframe.
Example: If you have received official results for 3rd Year (1st Sitting), you cannot appeal results received for 2nd Year (1st Sitting).

For Autumn (2nd Sitting) exam appeal applications, what is the advice with regard to registration and lecture attendance?

For students who have an overall result of Fail (or Incomplete) for the Autumn (2nd Sitting) and have submitted an exam appeal application, please be advised that you should not make any assumptions about the outcome of the exam appeal. Students are advised to register for the year of programme that is appropriate to their current student record e.g. a student who has an overall result of Fail (or Incomplete) for 1st Year, must register to repeat 1st Year. Please email reghelp@nuigalway.ie if you require assistance with registration.
With regard to attendance at lectures, students must contact their College or School Office directly for academic advice.

Can I submit other documents after making an exam appeal application?

All documents for an exam appeal must be submitted at the time of application. Students are advised that additional documents cannot be accepted.

What if I’m waiting on one (or more) items of documentation for my exam appeal?

If you do not have one (or more) items of supporting documentation at the time you are making your exam appeal application, it is recommended that you state the details in your appeal statement. It is not be possible to submit additional documents at a later stage.

What if I need more space for my appeal statement?

If there is not enough space in the online form field for your appeal statement, write your statement and include it as part of your attached file.

Should I include my essay/coursework/thesis as part of my appeal?

The Examination Appeals Committee recommends that applicants do not include original essays or theses with their appeal documentation. Applicants are advised that the committee can request additional documentation at a later stage, if the committee consider it relevant.

What medical statements should I submit as part of my appeal?

Applicants are advised to submit documentation that they believe is relevant to their exam appeal. The Examinations Appeals Committee recommends that any medical statements submitted as part of an appeal application should contain a statement about the impact on the student’s performance in the relevant module.