Clinical Education Research


Clinical Education Research is alive and well. These are some of the current projects:


Workplace Learning and Development

Peter Cantillon’s research in collaboration with Maastricht University explores the discursive development of clinical teachers in hospital workplaces. Check out Peter’s blog  or


Selection for Undergraduate Medical Education

Maureen Kelly’s research,  in collaboration with the Medical School Dundee and University College Cork, examines the validity of various tools in undergraduate medical student selection.  See


Patient Safety and Intern Doctor Experiences

Paul O’Connor’s work in collaboration with the Discipline of Surgery and Aberdeen University on patient safety, human factors and intern doctors crosses the clinical and medical education divide.  See


Masters Clinical Education Research

There are 12 students currently completing Masters educational research under the watchful eye of Josephine Boland Course Director.



Peter Hayes is completing his Masters of Medical Education on fitness for practice amongst interns.   See


Eva Flynn is collaborating with Peter Hayes on the meaning of professionalism for General Practice trainers. 

Maureen Kelly is collaborating with Josephine Boland and Louise Campbell on the impact of curriculum mapping on teaching professionalism.