Academic Council Standing Committee

What role does Academic Council Standing Committee play? 

Academic Council Standing Committee is a sub-Committee of Academic Council with responsibility for oversight of the maintenance of academic standards and regulations in the operational aspects of academic affairs and academic policy, including the approval of PhD reports, Exam Board recommendations, approval of new programmes and major changes to programmes, Boards of Assessors for academic posts, and approval of External Examiners.

Academic Council Standing Committee has two sub-Committees, Academic Regulations Committee which oversees major changes to Marks and Standards, and meets infrequently as the need arises; and Graduate Studies Board which oversees all aspects of postgraduate research study at the University.

Meeting dates

Schedule of Meetings September 2021 - August 2022 English & Irish

Committee Support

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Forms and Policies for Academic Council Standing

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The composition is effective from February 2019:

Members of Academic Council Standing_March 2021