Information provided on current outbreaks or medical alerts. 

Coronavirus (7/2/20), Free MMR Vaccine (Jan 2020), Mumps Alert (Oct 2019)

**CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION & ADVICE (7/2/20)** - There is currently a lot of coverage in the media about the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China, which has spread to some other countries around the world. It is very important to point out, that at present, there have been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus here in Ireland! As such, unless a person within the past 14 days has either been in China OR has had known contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case/attended a healthcare facility where people are being are being treated for Coronavirus, there is nothing to be concerned about and there are no other precautions that need to be taken. If, in the past 14 days however, you have either been in China OR have had known contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case/attended a healthcare facility where people are being are being treated for Coronavirus, then you should CONTACT BY TELEPHONE ONLY either the Student Health Unit (091-492604), your own GP, or the local Dept of Public Health (091-775200). In such circumstances, it is vitally important that you only make contact by telephone AND THAT YOU DO NOT ATTEND the Student Health Unit or your own GP Practice, until the doctor has had the opportunity to assess your risk and/or symptoms over the phone. @nuigalway are already providing excellent, detailed and very clear information and advice for any students and staff who may be concerned about Coronavirus via their alert page: , which is being regularly updated as and when notification of any changes to national guidance and advice becomes available

**FREE MMR Booster** - As part of HSE Public Health campaign in response for current national Mumps outbreak, FREE MMR vaccine booster dose* now available from NUIG Health Unit for any students up to 30yrs old who can't confirm/are unsure whether they previously got the recommended 2 MMR doses. Call in or phone 091-492604/ 091-494337 to book an appointment for this Free MMR booster. (Jan 2020). Information leaflet available here

The Student Health Unit has had a number of students attend over the past week with MUMPS. This is a viral illness which is very contagious, but which can be prevented through vaccination.
As the MUMPS virus appears to be circulating in the NUIG student population at present, it is advisable that students check their MMR immunisation status with their own GP/local immunisations office, to confirm whether or not they have already had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine. If they haven't, then they should give consideration to pursuing MMR vaccination/booster from their GP.

For any student who develops swelling/pain affecting their cheek/jaw, on either one or both sides, this may possibly indicate current infection with MUMPS. Such students should stop attending lectures/college and should present to the Student Health Unit or their own GP to confirm/outrule the diagnosis.
Please inform reception staff immediately, if you suspect you have MUMPS!

** MUMPS ISOLATION ADVICE ** Students diagnosed with MUMPS should pay strict heed to the medical advice given to them re: isolation from other members of the public (college/work/socialising) for at least 5 days after the onset of parotid gland/'jaw' swelling. It is vital that this advice is adhered to in order to stop the spread of MUMPS and to help end any outbreak.

Further information on MUMPS is available through either of these links: