Induction Resources

Staff Handbook and Training Log

The New Staff Handbook is available to view or download, it is a very useful booklet for a new staff member.

At the time of appointment, a new staff should receive a copy of this booklet in their induction pack from the Human Resources Office.  The handbook is also available as gaeilge (the as gaeilge version is currently being updated). 

New staff members can view and log all mandatory and recommended training in their ‌New Starter Training Log 2022 (Word version) / New Starter Training Log 2022 (PDF version). Please complete and return to so that we can update your employee file.

We have also recently updated our Commencing Employment in Ireland - Advice for new employees, which is particularly useful for new staff who are settling in Galway from overseas.

Centralised Induction

A centralised induction is held for new staff members to the University.  The programme provides new staff with the opportunity to hear about the University's structure, governance, and strategy.  It aims to be an informative and engaging event for new staff with the opportunity to meet new colleagues and ask questions of existing staff.    

The next centralised inductions for new staff are set to be on 15th September, 20th October, and 01st December 2022.

Local Induction

The local induction is held at Unit/School level and provided to new staff members by their local induction coordinator (the coordinator is identified to the new staff member at offer stage by the HR office) on their first day.  The local induction is to assist the new staff member in familiarising him/herself with their work environment, colleagues and the practical details when starting a new position, i.e. office/desk space, location of photocopier, etc.

A well-planned and executed induction should:

  • make new members of staff feel welcome
  • provide an introduction to the University
  • give an insight into other people’s jobs
  • provide essential background information to assist new members of staff with their own work
  • clarify job expectations and initial objectives
Head of Unit's Role

The Head of Unit's role is to ensure the induction meets these requirements so that every new member of staff has a strong start in their new role and feels part of their new team as soon as possible. 

In nominating an Induction Coordinator, the Head of Unit must ensure the induction coordinator has all the knowledge required to carry out the induction properly.

Induction Coordinator's Role

The Induction coordinator is a point of contact for the new appointee and their role is to make the transition of starting a new job in NUI Galway as smooth as possible. 

Below are guidelines to assist the coordinator in the induction of a new staff member into the Unit.

Guidelines-for-the-Induction-Coordinator_PI (2022)


Induction Evaluation Form

Click here for the Induction Evaluation Form



  • Guidelines-for-the-Induction-Co-ordinator_PI (2022)" alt="Guidelines for the Induction Coordinator"/>

    Guidelines for the Induction Coordinator PDF (14.2 MB)

  • Guidelines for the Head of Unit when inducting new staff members

    Guidelines for the Head of Unit when inducting new staff members PDF (14.2 MB)

  • Staff Handbook

    Staff Handbook PDF (14.2 MB)