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Student Societies

Student Societies


NUI Galway has over 110 Student Societies, offering you great opportunities to meet people with similar interests, try new things and have fun.

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Societies at NUI Galway

Student Societies can be divided into a few broad categories. Within them, you will find societies that cover many subjects, interests and hobbies:

Debating and Political Societies

Flex your political and debating muscles at NUI Galway: you're sure to find a society that suits your political affiliations. You can choose among the award-winning Literary and Debating Society, Young Fine Gael and the Socialist Society, to name a few.

Social and Gaming Societies

There are societies that reflect student interests and hobbies, such as the Photography Society, Trad Society and Chess Society.  Societies like the Chinese or India Societies can help international students get settled in a new country.

Artistic and Performing Societies

Galway is famous for its rich and vibrant artistic and social life. You can tap into this tradition by joining artistic or performing societies such as Drama Society, Film Society, Comedy Society, Dance Society and Music Society.

Action/Religious Societies

Joining a Society is often the first time a student has the chance to get involved with a cause or belief that is important to them. Societies like the Amnesty Society, the Voluntary Workers Abroad Society, the Feminist Society and the Atheist and Humanist Society can help you develop your sense of societal justice and put you in touch with like-minded people.

Departmental Societies

Subject-based societies like French, History, Chemistry, Business and Classics can complement your studies and give you a chance to delve deeper into your areas of interest.

And then there are the societies that are just for fun, like the Disney Society and the Juggling Society. Find one that's right for you, or start your own.

You can log in with your student number and password and see what the societies are up to!

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