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Finding Accommodation

The NUI Galway Accommodation Office are here to help you in your search for a place to live. We can help you find appropriate accommodation in Student Residences, flats, apartments or houses. We can also help if problems arise with property owners.  Find out about our services to you here.  You can call into us (1st Floor, Aras Ui Chathail) between 10.00 - 12.45 and 14.30 -16.45 to discuss issues you may have.

Student Residences (Please click on links below):

Housing Anywhere

There are 8 Student Residences, one of which is on Campus (Corrib Village).  All others are within easy reach of the University.  Please note that NUI Galway is not a regulatory body insofar as Student Residences registered with the University are concerned. Information is provided only on the basis that no liability attaches to the University for any subsequent actions, disagreements or shortcomings on the part of tenant, student residence, or any other person. Click on the link below for your choice of accommodation in Student Residences:

Please note that Student Residences opening for bookings for 2016/17 in early February.  Please check the individual Residences for the exact date and time (each residence differes).  Places are limited so early booking is advisable.
Corrib Village - managed by a private company

Off-Campus Student Resideces
Parents and students should note that all off-campus student residences are privately owned and managed:
Cúirt na Coiribe
Gort na Coiribe
The Student Village at Menlo Park Apartments
Centrepoint Apartments
Donegan Court
Ros Geal
Gort Ard


Students going on ERASMUS or Placements

As a student from NUI Galway, you can use for free the service Before going abroad for exchange, rent out your room to an incoming exchange student on HousingAnywhere. By doing so, you will avoid paying double rent and will make sure you keep your room when you return. In order to use the service, you will need to use your student email address. Make sure that you have the permission from your landlord. 

Since Housing Anywhere is an international student housing platform, you can also use its Its Secure Booking Service which guarantees to book your accommodation abroad in a secure way before arrival to your exchange destination. 

Incoming, ERASMUS and Visiting Students and Staff

As an incoming visiting student to NUI Galway you can find student accommodation on Through this student housing platform you book your room abroad in a secure way by using the Secure Booking Service. This way you will have a room secured before arriving in the city.  The platform is a peer-to-peer platform, you are directly in touch with the person advertising the room. Rooms are typically offered by outgoing students or private landlords.

International students should register on our message board to pair up with other students looking for accommodation.  International students studying for the first semester only, may have difficulty finding accommodation.  Niland House Apartments located in the city centre, is a good option.

Private Sector Accommodation Search

Landlords/Agents, Advertise your Property for FREE

Please check here to find accommodation in Houses/Apartments and Sharing with the Owner.   We recommend that you do not pay a deposit for accommodation in the private sector prior to viewing it, meeting with the landlord and receiving the key to the property. 

Upload and save property details only once - the property can be hidden from public view when it is let and simply reactivated when it becomes available again.  If you are having difficulty uploading your property check out our Manual

Short-term Flexible Accommodation:

 Help, Advice and Useful Websites

Kinlay House, Snoozles , Sleepzone, Hostelworld , Barnacles Hostel 

Bed and Breakfasts
Corrib Haven, Newcastle 
Amber Heights

Click here to find other Bed and Breakfasts in Galway City

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2.Accommodation Checklists
3.Home Safety Issues
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Terms and Conditions

 Other Sources for your Accommodation Search

Please note that NUI Galway is not a regulatory body insofar as accommodation registered with the University is concerned.   The University may, at its discretion, withdraw the advertisement of a property.  For full list of terms and conditions click here., , Galway Advertiser, Galway Independent 
Homestay; Homestays in Galway, Galway City, Ireland offer host family accommodation, ideal for all types of travel including students, interns, etc.

We recommend that you do not pay a deposit for accommodation advertised on these websites prior to viewing it, meeting with the landlord and receiving the key to the property.