Saol na mac léinnTacaíocht do Mhic Léinn

Tacaíocht do Mhic Léinn

Support Services

We support our students, no matter what you need.  Find out what we can do for you.

Student Services

The team at Student Services are here to help and have a wide range of online resources designed just for you.

Accommodation and Welfare

The Accommodation and Welfare team assist you to find appropriate accommodation and guide you on financial matters.


The Chaplaincy service offers pastoral care and spiritual guidance to the students and staff of NUI Galway.


You can consult with a member of the NUI Galway counselling service for any issue. We provide skilled listeners who have experience dealing with all the challenges students encounter. For further information on the service we provide please click here.

Student Health Unit

The Student Health Service provides on-campus medical and psychiatric care to registered students of the university in a professional, courteous, and confidential manner.

Career Guidance

The Career Development Centre helps you to manage your own career plans by providing a wide range of support services.

Safe Campus

The Safe Campus initiative is designed to raise awareness about maintaining a safe campus and raising awareness of personal safety wherever we are.

Smart Consent

NUI Galway are leading a national conversation on sexual consent training. Students are welcome to participate in research, workshops and engage with a fantastic programme, Smart Consent, that is helping to transform our relationships. 

Success Quiz

NUI Galway have designed the ultimate first year quiz. 

Smart Study, Smart Life

A series of workshops freely available to support you. Full Schedule

The Hub Student Common Room

A wonderful student space on campus , The Hub, is the student common room available to meet, relax, study and connect. The kitchen and group work facilities are helpful!