Launch of the 3-Cities Findings by Minister Katherine Zappone at ILAS

Katherine Zappone Photo

Revealing insights into the inclusion of city dwelling children, older people and people with disabilities, the 3-Cities Neighbourhood Report Series was launched by Minister Katherine Zappone T.D. on the 30th of September at ILAS. The launch was a part of a national conference that brought together speakers from local authority and public health agencies.

The research was the result of an innovative three-year programme of work that was led by ILAS’s Project Lifecourse in Dublin, Galway and Limerick.It explored the common opportunities and challenges with respect to the participation of children, older people and people with disabilities in their cities and neighbourhoods, and how services and their communities can support and enhance this participation.

The project used an innovative voice-led methodology to capture real-life experiences and was conducted in collaboration with members of the three groups, and a wide range of stakeholders (including health and social care and local authority service providers).

Marking the first study of its kind, the research pointed to the need for future interventions and polices around development of voice-led multi-stakeholder partnerships, fostering collective ownership, integrative collision spaces, and neighbourhood asset planning for enablement across the life course.