Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC)

Technical Requirements for the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC)

Postgraduate applicants use PAC to apply and to submit details and scanned documents e.g. transcripts, personal statement, birth certificate etc.  If you are accessing PAC for the first time, please follow the procedure under step 1 below.

Technical requirements to access PAC information
  1. Login information for PAC (Authorised users only)

    You must have an Active Directory account in order to access PAC.
    All Exchange e-mail users already have an Active Directory account.

    Username = staff ID number
    Note: The format for staff ID number is 7 digits followed by s

    Password = Same password as for email

    If you do not have an Active Directory account (i.e. you do not use Exchange email), please contact the Service Desk to request an account.

    If you try to login to access PAC information online and get a message that you are "not registered to use any
    MIS services", or "Internet Explore cannot display the web page" please contact Postgraduate Admissions Office to
    register (

    Access PAC
    Academic staff in NUI, Galway can login to access the PAC information online

  2. Minimum Internet browser requirements

    Windows users
    – Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
    Update your version of Internet Explorer from

    Macintosh users – Mozilla Firefox v.2.0 or higher 
    Instructions to install Firefox
    Update your version of Mozilla Firefox from
If you are experiencing problems viewing scanned documents
  1. Version 7.0 or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available to download free from

  2. If you have a Google or Yahoo! toolbar installed, you may experience problems in viewing individual applications i.e. pop-ups are blocked in such a way that you cannot view the full application. If you experience this problem, it is recommended that you remove the Google and/or Yahoo! toolbar using the instructions below.


For help with the technical requirements for PAC outlined above, please contact the Service Desk 

If you have any queries about PAC procedures, please contact Postgraduate Admissions Office