Facilities Management Services Request (PEMAC)


This service is used by the Buildings Office for managing Buildings services (maintenance) requests.

How To Obtain This Service

The service is accessible on campus only via the hyperlink: http://mozart.nuigalway.ie/workrequest 

Who Can Use This Service

The service is available to Buildings Office staff working as Service Request (PEMAC) Administrators and NUI Galway staff designated as Building Liaison Officers.

Prerequisites For The Use This Service

The service is open to staff currently on the NUI Galway payroll and designated as Buildings Office Service Request (PEMAC) Administrators or Building Liaison Officers. Staff log in to the service using their PEMAC Username and password.


Available 24x7, on-campus only.


There is no charge for the service.


Access/Password/Training Queries, contact Buildings Office via email to buildingandestates@nuigalway.ie.

Technical Queries contact the Service Desk