Library Turnstiles & Student Retention (LTSR)


The Library Turnstiles & Student Retention (LTSR) system uses TDS Access Control & TDS Student software that integrates with the universities’ Core & Quercus enterprise systems. The Turnstiles service element controls access to the James Hardiman Library (JHL) by using software to manage the Turnstiles. This Student Retention service element collects and analyses data on student attendance at one of the principal lecture halls (O’Flaherty). The LTSR service uses staff, student and visitor campus cards for identification and the system provides ad-hoc reports on Library & student attendance at lectures.

The LTSR system improves Library security by limiting access to authorised staff, students and visitors. The system updates every six hours and eliminates the manual process of assigning individual turnstile access to staff or students.

How To Obtain This Service

The Library administers Turnstile Access using the LTSR software system. If you need to access the Library, discuss your requirements with the Library staff and they will configure access for you.

Who Can Use This Service
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Contractors
Prerequisites For The Use This Service

Staff, students, visitors and contractors need a MIFARE DESFire EV1 Campus Card encoded for the Turnstile System.


The Library Turnstiles & Student Retention (LTSR) Service is available 24x7x365 on campus.


There is no charge to students, staff, visitors or contractors for using the LTSR system.

Related Information

The LTSR User Manual and other relevant information are available from the Service Management Framework website.


For technical support queries, contact the Service Desk