Teaching Desktops & Software


The Teaching Desktops & Software service is a facility provided to all registered students, staff, researchers and visitors at NUI Galway giving users of the service access to computers for teaching, learning and research.

Service Elements associated with the Teaching Desktops and Software service are:

  • PC Suites
    • Information Solutions and Services manage both General Access suites (ca. 700 PCs) and Departmental suites (ca. 1100 PCs) spread across the campus. The PCs are replaced on a 5 year hardware renewal cycle.
  • Lecture Theatres
    • Lecture theatre PCs (ca. 60 PCs) are provisioned using the same technology as the PC suites and their software profile is dependent on and relevant to their location.
  • Software
    • Users of the PC Suites have access to a wide range of software, details of which are available here. The software profile on all PCs is refreshed every summer, staff can request new or additional software for a particular suite by completing the online software request form.
  • Academic Bookings
    • General access suites are available for use by all students and may be booked by academic staff for teaching. Conference bookings are made through the Conference & Event Centre.
    • Bookings are rolled-over at the end of each year and new bookings must be submitted each year for Semester 1 and 2.
    • ISS do not manage bookings for Departmental Suites, for information on these suites please contact the Administrator of the School.
  • Computer Based Exams
    • General Access PC Suites are used for end of semester exams and are available to book for once-off computer based examinations during term time. PC Suites must be booked in advance of the examination.
  • LEAS – Linux Environment for Academic Studies
    • The Linux Environment for Academic Studies (LEAS) provides access to a Linux operating environment and software from any Windows computer connected to the wired campus network.
    • MySQL database accounts are also available on request by permanent staff at NUI, Galway to facilitate students working on database projects.
    • Refer to the LEAS Service Description for more information.
How To Obtain This Service

Access to the PC Suites is restricted to users with valid UDS accounts, i.e. registered students, staff, researchers and visitors of NUI Galway. To login to a PC, users must have a valid CASS account username and password.

Who Can Use This Service

General Access PC Suites are available to all staff and students of the University. Departmental suites are reserved for use by students and staff of individual departments or courses. In some cases access to Departmental suites is restricted by swipe card or login restriction.

Prerequisites For The Use This Service

To login to the PC Suites you need to have a Campus Account username and password. If you are a visitor to the University you must have a Temporary account (T) username and password. If you are sitting an examination you will be given an Exam(X) username and password to complete your exam.

  • General Access and Departmental PC Suites are open from 08:30-22:00 Monday to Friday and a number of PC suites are open on Saturday and Sunday from 08:30-18:00. Details of PC suite opening times can be found here.
  • PC Suites are booked for teaching purposes and examinations during semesters, bookings schedules are posted outside each PC suite and are available here.
  • The PC Suites are used for ad-hoc bookings, (conferences, ah-hoc tutorials etc) and users may be asked to leave if the room has been booked.
  • Real-time suite availability can be accessed here.

There is no charge for use of this service. PC suites software is funded using the software cost model.

Related Information

Anyone using the PC Suites is expected to adhere to the University’s code of conduct when working in a PC Suite


All Suites are checked on a daily basis to ensure they are working correctly. Users can report problems by contacting the Service Desk