Domain Name Hosting


Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet service that translates domain names (such as to or from IP addresses. IP addresses are used by your browser to go to the server that hosts the web site you wish to view. Information Solutions and Services manages two dedicated DNS servers, allowing the hosting of university afilliated domain names without the involvement of a third party.

Any Web site hosted on an NUI Galway web server is entitled to request the creation of a sub-domain (e.g. at no cost. They may also request the hosting of a separate domain name (e.g. at a reduced cost.

Requesting a sub-domain:

To request a sub-domain of (e.g. or your separate domain name (e.g., simply use our service desk ticketing system, and select the following request type: 'Web Services' - 'Domain Name' - 'Internal Domain'.

Requesting a separate .ie domain name:

Information Solutions and Services' Web team will register your .ie domain name for the reduced rate of € 25 per year. If you were to register the domain name directly from the IE Domain Registry ( it would cost € 75.33 (€ 62 + VAT) per year. This discount is given to HEAnet, who pass the savings on to universities. HEAnet will only deal with Web services for domain requests so please do not try to request a domain from them directly.

Upon receiving a request for a new .ie domain, Information Solutions and Services will configure the university DNS servers to host the domain, register the domain name via HEAnet, and invoice your department. You will receive an invoice every year from then on. These invoices are for reimbursement of the domain name charge, which will have been paid by Information Solutions and Services on your behalf. They include a € 5, administration charge, rounding the total bill up to € 25.

To request a separate .ie domain name, please use our service desk ticketing system, and select the following request type: 'Web Services' - 'Domain Name' - 'External Domain'.

Hosting a domain name other than .ie (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .info):

Computer services provides a domain name registration services for .ie domain names only. All other domain names must be registered by the web site administrator.

The procedure for assigning (say) a .com domain name to your Web site is as follows:

  1. Notify Web Services of your intent to register a domain name via our service desk ticketing system.

    It is important that the university's DNS servers are configured to host the new domain before you register the domain name online.

  2. Once the DNS servers have been configured, register the domain name online, specifying NUI Galway's DNS servers:
    • Primary DNS Server: (
    • Secondary DNS Server: (
    Domain names can be registered at or