Staff Intranet / Sharepoint


The Staff Intranet is a web platform for:

  1. Staff Intranet covering staff communication, secure content management, and business process.
  2. Team Sites covering team or project collaboration, document sharing, and communication.
  3. MySites covering personal collaboration, sharing, and social interactions. The quota for a MySite is 100MB.

Read more about the Staff Intranet -

How To Obtain This Service

‘All staff’ and any domain account can be allowed access. For example, ‘all students’ can view and use the Staff Intranet where they have been given permission by the site owners.

By default, ‘all staff’ have access to the Staff Intranet and MySites.

Who Can Use This Service
  • Staff
  • Students
Prerequisites For The Use This Service

24x7 from any location using selected devices.

Technical Information

The Staff Intranet, Team sites, and MySites use Microsoft SharePoint. Find out more about SharePoint and NUI Galway's use of SharePoint:


There is no charge to staff or students for the use of Staff Intranet


First review and search the online videosand documentation. If you cannot find a solution contact the Service Desk