Web Site Hosting

What is the service?  

Web site hosting is the hosting of Web content on NUI Galway’s central Web servers (www.nuigalway.ie). The service is a highly available clustered solution using the latest technology. The service supports/hosts:

Who can use the service?

The main focus is to provide the basis for a Web presence for NUI Galway organisation units, but the hosting of other, NUI Galway-related Web sites, can also be requested by NUI Galway staff.

  • Hosted Web sites are available 24x7
  • For support queries, contacting the Service Desk 
Prerequisites required for the service

The Web site must be authorised by the Head of Unit.  The Head of Unit must also assign a Web Administrator for the Web site.

Setup instructions for users

Request must be logged by contacting the Service Desk. See Helpdesk FAQ's on Web - Web Site Hosting (for internal viewing only).     

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