Anti-Virus Software for Students (Windows Users)


All users of computer facilities on the University network have a responsibility to follow best practice in avoiding infection by computer viruses, whether you are using University-owned or privately owned equipment.

Students can download the McAfee anti-virus software ( available on-campus only) to install on laptops for use on the NUIGWiFi network.

It is each student's own responsibility to install and update anti-virus on their own laptops.

  1. Important: Only one anti-virus program should be installed at any time on a computer. Uninstall any existing anti-virus programs including expired or trial versions before installing McAfee anti-virus software.       

  2. Download and install McAfee version 8.8 
    Suitable for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or earlier 
    McAfee is available to download on-campus only when connected to the wired campus network or to NUIGWiFi 

  3. Download the latest DAT file from the McAfee website  
    Download the latest McAfee DAT file to the Desktop 
    Go to the Desktop and double-click on DAT download 
    Follow the on-screen instructions to install the DAT file - no restart is required. 

  4. Check the SuperDat file version regularly 
    Users must ensure that the SuperDat file version is being continuously updated. 
    Do this at least once every month. 

  5. Practice safe computing 
    Always remember that anti-virus software can only ever protect against viruses known to it, so it stands to reason that the virus writers will always be one step ahead. With this in mind, you should at all times follow the recommendations for safe computing particularly in areas such as email or Internet usage.

Virus Removal Procedure