General questions - Students

As a Registered Student do I have a Blackboard Account?

All students get a Blackboard account, you must be fully registered for the Academic year and your Blackboard account will become available within 24 working hours.  If your account is not available 24 working hours after you are registered contact the Library & IT Service Desk.  (Check that your status in your Registration portal is 'Registered' - see image below). If you are not fully registered go to the Registration Website for further information.

Registration Status

I forgot my password what should I do?

The Campus Account  password is used for accessing Blackboard. If you have forgotten your Campus Account:

  • Go online to CASS and click "Forgot Password?"
  • Enter your User ID 
  • Answer your challenge questions. 
  • Enter your new password, and then enter your new password for confirmation
  • Click Submit

I am locked out of my Blackboard Account what should I do?

If you enter your Campus Account credentials incorrectly over five times your Blackboard account will lock.  This lock is automatically removed after six hours.  If you need it to be unlocked within this period you will need to log a ticket through the Service Desk Ticketing System.

When will I see the Courses/Modules I have registered for?

Your Courses/Modules will be visible on your Blackboard account within 24 working hours* of registering for them. If your module is not available 24 working hours* after you have registered for them contact the Library & IT Service Desk.

I have changed my modules, when will my Blackboard Account update?

Old/obsolete modules are removed from your account every Friday and your account should be up-to-date when you log in on Monday.  If your old/obsolete modules are still displayed after a week you need to let the Library & IT Service Desk know by logging a ticket.

Is it possible to remove modules from previous years which show up under My Courses?

Students have access to 3 years' worth of courses which might be welcome for some but may mean an unwieldy list of courses on the My Courses tab.  There are ways to organise this list so that you only see the courses you want to see.  Information on how to do this is available here.

Can I use the Blackboard App with Qwickly Attendance?

Students can log in to Blackboard using a browser.  The new version of Blackboard is responsive and therefore easy to use on a mobile device. For further information visit the Qwickly Attendance pages to download the User Guide for Students and FAQs.

I'm having trouble accessing my Blackboard modules/content?

The problem may be with your browser or plugins. You can use this browser checker in order to make sure you have no blocked pop-ups, and that you have all the required plugins for full Blackboard accessibility.

You can also try running Blackboard in a different browser, for example Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

How can I Download information from my Blackboard Account?

Save specific files and items

  1. If you would like to save some content files from your Blackboard course, select and download each file individually and save it to your computer.Download files from BB
  2. We recommend saving all files to your NUI Galway OneDrive cloud storage, which will allow you access the files from any computer or mobile device.  

Save specific Discussion Board posts or Assignments

  1. For items you typed directly into Blackboard (like private messages or assignment text submissions) copy-and-paste the text of the item from Blackboard to a new document and save locally.
  2. For assignment documents you uploaded, you may download a copy of them from within the assignment itself, if you don’t already have the original document saved.
  3. For Discussion Board Posts, you may use the Collection Tool to save posts and threads from your Discussion Board Forums. Please see this Blackboard Help Page: Search and Collect Posts
  4. We recommend saving all files to your NUI Galway OneDrive cloud storage, which will allow you access the files from any computer or mobile device.

How can staff get help?

Please go to the following web page

My Grades

Why can I not see my grades in my Blackboard Course?

Your instructor may not have released the grades,  contact your instructor

I have logged into Blackboard but can not see my courses?

Contact the Registration to ensure your registration is correct.  Once you are correctly registered your Blackboard courses will be available after 24 hours

Can I see all my grades in one area on my Blackboard account?

Yes,  Log into Blackboard and click on Add Widget.  Scroll down to Report Card and click on Add and click OK.  The Report Card widget will be added to your Dashboard, your grades will be displayed as they are released by your instructors

Course Instance Information is missing from My Grades

When checking MyGrades in a Blackboard course, you will now see an entry called Course Instance. When the Description is opened, a message, like the one in the picture, can be seen. 

If there is a code in the Grade Column, then there is no need to contact reghelp‌.  An absence of a code in this position (marked by a red box) may indicate a problem with your registration. In that case, you should check with

I think there is an error in my results, what should I do?

Contact your instructor

Known Issues

Current Issue with the latest version of Safari

We have received calls from Students uploading assignments on a Mac using Safari.  There is an issue with the latest version of Safari and we recommend that you use the Chrome browser when uploading an assignment in Blackboard.