Restrictions to certain sites in PC Suites During Peak Hours

Students are advised that restrictions on access to Facebook within General Access PC Suites, including in the Library Building, will be implemented from September to May. These restrictions are being introduced following requests made to ISS by Class Reps and the Students Union, who believe the restrictions are necessary to ensure that University PCs are more readily available for use by students undertaking core academic activities. 

The specific restrictions are as follows: 

(A) Library PC Suites: 
The restriction on access to Facebook in Library PC Suites will apply 24/7 commencing September and ending in May 

(B) All other General Access PC Suites: 
The restriction on access to Facebook in all other General Access PC Suites will apply from 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday, commencing September and ending in May. 

A full 24/7 restriction will be applied in all General Access PC Suites during exam periods. 

The restriction on access to Facebook in General Access PC Suites (excluding those in the Library) will be temporarily suspended over the Christmas period. 

(C) Departmental Access PC Suites:

Departmental Suite contacts may request extension of the restriction to their Suites through application to the Service Desk

No restriction on access to Facebook is being implemented on the NUIGWiFi network. 

Students are reminded that the use of PC Suites for academic activities (assignments/exam preparation) should always take precedence over the use of those same resources for social or leisure activities. 

We trust that students will understand the rationale for this restriction and co-operate with its implementation. If you have any comments or concerns please contact us by email to the Service Desk