Desktop Support Services for the Business Innovation Centre

Information Solutions and Services provide network connectivity (wired or wireless, as appropriate) to companies in the Business Innovation Centre supported by the Technology Transfer Office at NUI Galway. 

Existing companies who require an additional network connection must complete a Node Registration Form and submit it to the Technology Transfer Office.

New companies must request allocation of network resources via the Technology Transfer Office.

Users on-campus can avail of the .  

Important: Desktop or application support is not provided to Business Innovation Centre companies. 

Email settings

  • In the email client software, the outgoing mail server must be set to TTOSMTP.NUIGALWAY.IE 
    Note: This setting will only work for IP addresses in the 140.203.203.x range.   

  • Users configuring Outlook for email must untick Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) when adding a new email account.  

  • Users configuring Gmail are advised to review Gmail support documentation online.

Any queries about network connectivity should be directed to the Service Desk.