How to complete the form for connecting a device to the NUI Galway network

IMPORTANT: All fields must be completed; incomplete forms will be returned to the user for completion before processing

Section 1 - Contact details of main user

Provide the name and staff/student ID number of the end user of the device along with their email address, associated department and a contact number at which the end user can be reached.

If you are replacing your device and require a temporary folder to transfer data from your old device to the new device please select Yes

 Section 2 - Computer details

Operating SystemInstructions to determine the Operating System for a Windows computer

Manufacturer and Model details can be found on the system unit for desktop computers or on the bottom of a laptop computer. On all new Dell equipment the Ethernet Address (Mac Address) and Service Tag number will be displayed on a label, as shown below, on the box.

Dell Service Tag


Ethernet /Mac Address  

  Service Tag 1  

If the label is unreadable, you can find the same information using these instructions to determine the Ethernet Address for your computer

On all new Dell equipment the Model Number of the unit will be displayed on the computer casing or box.

 Machine Name - You can name your device on the network or a generic name will be assigned, depending on your network location.

 Section 3 - Location

Building and Room number must be completed. The wallbox number is located on the network point in your office. It will be labelled something like 2-A-12, B1A-C-21, D-21, Drop 12 or NUR-1-18.

Indicate if a machine is already connected to the wallbox listed.

Final Step

Once the online form is completed it will automatically log a tickect in the Service Desk

An ISS technican will contact you to schedule a day/time to remotely configure your new device to the Campus Network.  The remote configuratuion process will take approximately 30mins. Please note all devices must authenticate to UDS.

 Please note for newly purchased Dell PC's do not power on until you have been contacted by an ISS technician.