Setup PC

Setup of Optiplex 790 Desktop Tower

Figure 1. Front And Back View Of Mini-Tower

  1. power button, power light
  2. optical-drive bay (optional)
  3. headphone connector
  4. microphone connector
  5. diagnostic lights (4)
  6. optical drive (optional)
  7. optical-drive eject button
  8. USB 2.0 connectors (4)
  9. drive activity light
  10. power supply diagnostic light
  11. power supply diagnostic button
  12. power connector
  13. back panel connectors
  14. expansion-card slots (4)
  15. security-cable slot
  16. padlock ring 


  1. Connect the monitor using the following

    VGA to DisplayPort Adapter

  2. Connect the USB keyboard and mouse to the back of the

    USB Connection

  3. Connect the network cable to wall box when instructed to do so by ISS technician

    Network Connection

Monitor setup

Attaching the stand
Note; The stand base is detached when the monitor is shipped from the factory

To attach the monitor stand body to the stand base:

  1. Place the monitor stand base on a stable table top
  2. Slide the monitor stand base in the correct direction down onto the stand base until it clicks into place

To connect your monitor to the computer

  1. Turn off your computer and disconnect the power cable
  2. Connect the blue display connector cable to the corresponding video port on the back of your computer

Monitor Controls 

  1. OSD Menu/Select
  2. Brightness & Contrast/Down (-)
  3. Auto-adjust/Up (+)
  4. Power button (with power light indicator)