Support for Staff Desktop Devices

Service      DescriptionWindowsApple
Network Connection Allow connection to the campus network Yes Yes
Wireless Network Allow connection to the NUIGWiFi and eduroam WiFi networks Yes Yes
Domain Login Allows user to authenticate to the University’s Active Directory domain Yes Yes
Software Self Service Allows users to install applications without the need for media Yes In progress – only some software available
Fileshare access Access to U and M drives Yes Yes
Encryption – laptops Encrypts data on laptop Yes – new and existing laptops On request
Re-Imaging Allows ISS to reset PC back to original state Yes No
Printing – desktop/wireless/email Allows users to print via the PrintService Yes Limited functionality
Oracle Discoverer & Quercus back office Connect to various Enterprise applications via a Java Client Yes No

Support for Computers Purchased Outside of the NUI Galway Central Procurement Contract

IT equipment intended for use on the NUI Galway network must be purchased under the central procurement contract.

Information Solutions and Services will only provide data recovery* support for University owned computers acquired outside this contract.  Such computers will need to meet the following criteria:

ISS does not provide support for privately owned laptops. 

In cases where a Windows PC or Macintosh specification other than that available under the NUI Galway Procurement Contract is required, such purchases can be made only in these circumstances:

  • Prospective purchases should be discussed in advance with Information Solutions and Services. Please contact the Service Desk to discuss your requirements, giving as much information as possible on the intended model and specification.
  • Business/Enterprise class products are purchased not consumer/home use models 
  • The purchase is made from a NUI Galway contracted supplier Dell or Wriggle
  • The purchase is made through the supplier’s NUI Galway account manager
  • A minimum 5 year next business day on-site warranty is purchased for the computer
  • Computers purchased off-contract will not have NUI Galway standard Operating System and software build pre-installed.  It will be the purchasers own responsibility to install any required Operating System and software.

*Data recovery on all University owned machines is done on a best efforts basis.  Data backup is the responsibility of the user