Exam Bookings

To make a booking for an exam, please note the following

  • For all bookings please check the time table to ensure the PC Suite is available to book
  • Ensure the software you require is available in the suite you are booking
  • If you require exam accounts, please login to the Service Desk Ticketing System, locate your exam booking ticket and upload a spreadsheet with student names and ID numbers to the ticket
  • We require 10 workings days notice for exam bookings
  • Please go to the following page and follow the appropriate procedures for your email client to book a PC Suite. Choose Continious Assessment Exam from the drop down list for type of booking
  • It is adviseable to log a ticket through the ISS Ticketing System stipulating that you have made a booking request. Take note of the ticket number in case you need to follow up
  • You may need to refer to the general access PC suites information