General Access PC Suites

Please note: New and existing booking for suites will remain provisional until safe capacity limits are set, following government advice on social distancing.


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PC Suites MUST BE booked utilising your NUIG email client. 

ISS WILL NOT carry forward ANY BOOKINGS from one Academic Year to the next. It is the responsibilty of each department/section/school to ensure that NEW bookings are made to reflect their needs for each semester in each Academic Year. Also, any booking can be made for 12 months in advance from the current date. 

Click on the link to download instructions for each email client.

To learn how to Find a Free PC Suite time slot, please go to our FAQs 

Tutorial Videos - Instructions on can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below.

These videos were created prior to the movement of NUIG staff to Office 365 from our own inhouse email solution.

As a result, videos for Outlook Web Access are now out of date although the methods for booking are still the same

Please note these links will bring you to the ISS Desktop Services YouTube Channel

1. Website Overview

2. Outlook2010

3. Outlook Web Access for Windows

4. Outlook Web Access for Mac

If you currently use Outlook 2007 on Windows or Office2008 for Mac, please upgrade your version of Office to one of the recommended versions of Office in order to utilise the booking system correctly.

Specific information on how to book a General Access PC suite for each client is contained below:

How to book a General Access PC Suite

Information about how to create catergories, create recurring bookings etc can be found in the FAQs

PC Suites are bookable up to 12 months in advance from the day you are making you booking.

i.e: If you make a booking on 1st September, you can book any date up to and including the 1st of September the following year.

NOTE: If you want to make a semester long booking or indeed have a booking for more than one date, you need to make a recurring booking.

Class bookings are published onlined and posted on the door of each suite.

Students/Staff not attending the class may be asked to leave the room whilst classes are in progress.

Timetables can be found here


  1. You will need to download the PC Suite Booking Form. Copy/Paste the details into your booking. There is a document for both Mac and PC based computers
  2. Bookings will be automatically declined if there is an existing booking already for the resource 
  3. Any booking made is automatically accepted (Subject to their being no exisiting bookings) and entered in the PC Suite Calendar. No one else can book this same slot if a tentative booking has been made
  4. Any booking made will appear under the name of the person who makes the booking. Please ensure that in the body of the booking you indicate the class lecturer/tutor IF you are making the booking on behalf of a work colleague
  5. If you wish to make a booking where there is a pre-existing approved booking in place , it is up to the two parties to agree the taking over of this booking. ISS will not contact either party to confirm any agreement 
  6. Official University Exams have precendence to certain suites during the academic year. If a booking is made in a suite that is required for official university exams, the person who made the booking will be asked to relocate their booking to an alternative PC Suite